Winning dances inspired

A rousing program of dance from a wide variety of genres delighted the audience in the almost sold-out schweinfurt theater. The "on point" dance and ballet school in habfurt performed a to the 22. The dance festival, which was held for the first time, offered a varied evening with demanding choreographies and outstanding performers at a high level, as described by the habfurt ballet school.

Once again, renowned dance schools from the region, above all the organizing ballet school "on point", presented their classes, proves her skills. The award was given to katharina munch for her work in the catholic church. She has performed a variety of dance styles, ranging from classical and modern ballet to national dance, oriental dance, tap, neoclassical and modern dance, modern jazz and experimental dance, hip-hop, breakdance and singing& dance captivates the audience.

Particularly in the focus were the winner dances, with which "on point sensationally qualified at the german ballet competition for the dance world cup taking place in portuguese braga in early july. The opening was the spanish folklore dance "jota" danced with castanets the performance classiii of "on point" as well as a fiery gipsy dance of the soloist alicia reub.

Both the flamenco choreographed by renate pomp and the hungarian national dance performed by the trio lorraine buhl, alicia and yannick reub showed excellent dancing skills and high synchronization. Another high point was set by the performance class III of "on point with the piece "verona" choreographed by melanie day from the musical romeo and julia, which won fourth place in the category "song and dance" at the german ballet competition won. After a lively jazz and hip-hop mix by the dance school "dance steps and "on point the stage was free for yannick reub, who proved his skills with his solo "A bit for the brain and a bit for the heart", choreographed by timo radunz from the musical mozart secured the gold medal.

Further highlights

"On point" brought with "wor-thy fine hip-hop on the stage. Lorraine buhl delighted the audience with a captivating performance of "stuff like that there" and alicia reub thrilled with the sovereignly performed solostuck "shine, with whom they won the silver medal. After that, the advanced breakdance groups of "on point" showed their skills with cool moves and groovy choreographies their konnen, before as high point "on-point"-schoolboy with "don’t tell mama impressively demonstrated why they won the gold medal at the german ballet competition with this performance

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