When music caresses the soul

When music caresses the soul

Strokes for the soul were offered at the wilhelmsthal advent concert on sunday evening in the st.-josef-church. While thick snowflakes fell from the sky outside, inside, associations, ensembles and soloists from wilhelmsthal and the surrounding area unleashed their very own whirlwind of flakes of a musical kind!

Very special atmosphere

Already with the first notes of the concert a very special atmosphere arose. Musical highlights were once again set by hans pittroff on the "queen of instruments". The long-time organist, who was recently honored with an honorary certificate from the archdiocese of bamberg for 40 years of service at the organ, loved the opulent variety of sounds of bruckner’s "praeludium in F" as well as "echo ad manuale duplex by samuel scheidt in all its splendor and beauty.
The duo of gottfried grau (flute) and harald kalamala (guitar) also enchanted the audience with their gentle instrumental pieces. At "firmare it is an impressive composition of kalamala’s own as well as "lenke du meine schritte", where the choir also performed vocally.
The mannerchor cacilia, under the direction of gunter weber, sang "es ist ein ros" (it’s a rose) sprung" and trade "daughter zion in a touching way the expectation and longing for god. This also applies to the festive compositions "zu maria kam ein engel" ("to maria came an angel") sung by the women’s schola in the gallery and "in a hollow at bethlehem".
The multiple prize winner of "jugend musiziert" also provided deeply moving moments, lina prell, who accompanied herself on the guitar and sang the "evening song" and "mary did you know" left a deep impression on the audience.

Grandma and granddaughter sing

The heart of every music lover dear agnes muller rise up. Accompanied by her daughter andrea muller on the zither, she sang "auf bergeshoh’n" – a homage to the beautiful wilhelmsthal from the pen of albert reibig – an. Christmas is just around the corner" sang agnes muller with her granddaughter anna muller as a harmonious duo.
The "haache stockraache cultivating french songs and local culture with great commitment. The popular singing group of the heimat- und trachtenverein haig presented "jedzd fanga me glech zen singa o" (every time I sing a song) as well as "es wadd scho gleich dunkl" (it will be dark soon). The dialect author ulla steiner from gefell read the cheerful story "es weihnachtssaula" and the rather thoughtful text "land of milk and honey", both from their own pen. The conclusion of the musical highlight was traditionally the jointly sung "macht hoch die tur" – also the motto of the advent concert, the proceeds of which will again be donated to the parish church. Loose, entranced, enchanted – that’s how the audience felt after the one-hour musical flurry of flakes, for which they thanked the choir with long-lasting applause.

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