Up to 50 years of loyalty to the burgerverein hallstadt

At the annual meeting of the hallstadt burger association, chairwoman gertrud lenglein reported on the membership level of 228 with an average age of 55 and on the activities of the past year. The two-day trip to salzburg for the christmas market with a stop in altotting was well received. The carnival ball at the maastumpfl guesthouse was also a great success with performances by maria karl and gertrud lenglein and music by thomas datscheg. The association participated once again in the hosting of the hallstadt kerwa. In september, the traditional wine festival was held in the courtyard of fischergasse, which was well attended by the people of hallstadt. The autumn hike went to zuckshut, the end-of-year trip to aschaffenburg with a visit to the christmas market.
The association has once again participated in the preservation of the city by planting and maintaining flower cubbies.
After the ceremony, the honor for many years of association membership took place. Irene and helmut burgis were honored for 25 years of loyalty to the burgerverein, hedwig and ludwig wolf, lorenz gehring, sieglinde and diego alonso, katharina dauerlein and erika klarmann for 30 years, waltraud sauer, arthur bittel, franz karl, hans reichenbacher, veronika huttner, hans karbacher, michael reitberger, rudolf schweibold for 40 years, gerhard mantke and wilhelm schramm for 50 years.
Second mayor ludwig wolf reported on the work of the city council. After the water damage has been repaired, the cashier’s office as well as the burger’s office could move back from the burger’s house to the town hall, the damage is taken over by the insurance, so wolf. The renovation of the "schwanenbrau" guesthouse is being driven forward, so that the opening in the fall of 2019 is the goal. The inner city park will be opened in the framework of the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the partnership with the french city of lempdes on 12 december. May to be ceremonially opened. Construction work has begun on the expansion of the awo daycare center, as well as the acceptance tests for the new fire department building, which must be completed by the 150th anniversary of the fire department in june 2019. The tree removals of the railroad from breitengubbach to the southern border of bamberg will be carried out in the next three years, whereby two additional tracks will be laid, larmschutzwande and elevator will be built and the freeway bridge of the A 70 over the railroad will be demolished and rebuilt.
According to wolf, the construction of apartments in the inner-city quarter and in the area of the dorfleins school is still in the planning phase. The city council will decide how to proceed in the next few weeks. In the discussion that followed, the main criticism was the relocation of the memorial from the market square to the cemetery. It was referred to the three possible locations there.

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