Two vehicles at one go

The burgwindheim fire department can rely on two new vehicles for future operations. After a festive service and the commemoration of the deceased comrades, dean albert muller placed the TLF 3000 tanker and a multipurpose vehicle under the blessing of god.
The musical accompaniment was provided by the youth brass band of burgwindheim under the direction of ralph herbstsommer.
The church consecration was followed by a ceremony in the packed school gymnasium. Mayor heinrich thaler was also able to bury delegations of the patenverein gaustadt as well as of the neighboring fire brigades.

210000 euro own contribution

Thaler spoke of the most time-consuming and cost-intensive vehicle procurement that the market town of burgwindheim had ever undertaken in the area of fire fighting. After deducting the state subsidies, a donation of 8,500 euros from the firefighters’ association and a special claim, he put the total cost at around 210,000 euros.
The mayor praised the energetic help of the active team with commander volker hack at the top, who had spent more than 1000 hours designing the vehicles exactly according to the requirements and preparing the tender text.

Technical equipment important

District administrator johann kalb expressed in his greeting that the fire brigades could only accomplish their many tasks with the appropriate technology. He considered the procurement as a strengthening for the western district of bamberg.
District fire chief bernhard ziegmann emphasized the necessity of the purchase and thanked the market town for providing the funds.
The district administrator awarded chairman hans klug the honorary cross of the district fire brigade association. Johann kalb praised the special services that klug had rendered to the fire department in upper franconia. Stephan hummel

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