Tv mainstockheim turns 150

Tv mainstockheim turns 150

There was a lot going on in 1863. In kitzingen, the synagogue was inaugurated, bad kissingen was elevated to the status of a state spa, the orientexpress started its maiden voyage, and in mainstockheim, the turnverein mainstockheim (TVM) was founded.

An event to be celebrated 150 years later. On the occasion of the jubilee, the TVM organizes on sunday, 23. June, the gaukinderturnfest from and on saturday, 19 november, a kommersabend takes place.

Surely the year of the foundation. The day and month are not exactly known, because the first minute books were lost. The mainstockheim chronicler vogler recorded the consecration of the flag on the occasion of the foundation festival on 25 may 1863.May 1863. Numerous gymnasts from 16 foreign associations had come to it, heibt es in the association chronicle. The mainstockheim team competed with other clubs in numerous competitions and gymnastics festivals. 1903, at the celebration of the 40th anniversary, only male members belonged to the TV 96. Women were not allowed to join in until 1927.

Conversion to the new gymnasium

The increasing number of members led the club to buy the local electric plant, which was converted into a gymnasium in 1921. The range of sports was expanded in the following years with fistball and handball. With the takeover of power by the national socialists in 1933 and the "gleichschaltung", the club was dissolved. Sport only existed in the unified sports club. The late chairman and honorary chairman hans pohley trained the boys and girls until 1942 in the former synagogue and today’s catholic church.

It was not until 1948 that it was decided to revive gymnastics under the leadership of georg henftling. Until the completion of the gymnastics center, gymnastics took place in the hall of the goldener lowe inn. The sale of the former sliding field secured the financing of the second gymnasium and the range of activities was expanded by a theater group and a marching band. The athletes achieved numerous successes at district competitions and at the german gymnastics festival.

New beginning

After gymnastics had come to a standstill in the 1970s, a new start was made in 1979 in the school gymnasium. Since then, the TVM has developed into an important pillar of social life in mainstockheim. He is a guarantor for successful carnival celebrations, midsummer bonfires and christmas parties, participates in the wine festival and organizes a two-day sports festival together with the fubball club. The sports ground, consisting of a grass field, a long jump pit and a streetball court, was later supplemented with a beach volleyball court.


The gaukinderturnfest on sunday, 23. June, begins at ten o’clock with the competitions. From 11.30 o’clock is followed by a colorful afternoon with the possibility to play, do handicrafts and make-up. From 15 o’clock the presentation and the award ceremony will take place.

The gymnastics festival is held under the motto "enjoying sports without alcohol" and is a contribution to the joint initiative of the bundeszentrale fur gesundheitliche aufklarung (bzga) and the olympic sports federation (DOSB). This means that the club will not serve alcoholic beverages around the event. "We want to set an example and help protect children and young people in our club from the dangers posed by alcohol," explains frank schmitt, chairman of TVM.

The mainstockheim gymnastics club today

The offer: with volleyball, table tennis for youth and adults, badminton, folk dance, line dancing and for some years basketball, the offer of sports has been constantly expanded, for which the gym built in 1999 offers space. The program ranges from mother-father-child gymnastics to children’s gymnastics and gymnastics for children. Also on offer are numerous ball sports, aerobics, yoga and the use of professional gymnastics equipment under supervision in the fitness room.

The members: with 625 members, about one third of the population belongs to the association.

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