Thomas loffler takes over

A successful generation change at the top and the summary of a successful year are only two aspects that describe the local general meeting of the CSU buchbach. Monika barnickel hands over her office as local chairwoman to thomas loffler after more than 20 years.

The outgoing chairwoman reported on a very good year 2018 for the buchbach christian socialists. One was very actively involved in the organization of the burger festival. With the election event "we pour you pure wine" the CSU has once again supported jurgen baumgartner at the municipal level. The excellent election result of the member of the state parliament jurgen baumgartner is all the more pleasing.

Solidly positioned

Before the local elections in 2020, they want to organize a nockerberg again. Barnickel called to find one more candidate for the CSU list. "Financially, we are in a solid position", the local chairwoman was pleased with the positive report from treasurer sandra loffler.

Mayor thomas loffler thanked everyone for their valuable work in the local association. One must stand united behind the ideals in order to achieve the best for the community. The community strives for improvements in all parts of the community.


In buchbach, the area around the former konsum is being redesigned. The plan to initiate a village renewal process met with approval. The frankenwald group is investing in a new pipeline network. Building sites were created in buchbach. The head of the community praised monika as deputy mayor. The representation is always perfect.

Thomas kotschenreuther thanked monika barnickel for her many years of work on behalf of the frankenwald CSU and wished the new chairman a strong and successful work. The new local executive committee: local chairman thomas loffler (new), deputy chairman monika barnickel, treasurer rudiger froba (new), secretary renate froba, committee members ferdinand barnickel and sandra loffler, treasurers mattias and hansi froba, delegates to the county delegates’ conference: monika barnickel, thomas loffler and substitute delegates rudiger froba and werner fick

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