This residential complex is planned on the fromel-gelande

The flat area of the former gardener's land fromel in ebermannstadt has been identified as having significant development potential in the integrated urban development concept (ISEK). Soll heiben: attractive, high-density residential space is to be built on the flurstuck site. The project will be realized by manfred kronas (38), managing director and owner of "alitus capital partners gmbh", a company that invests in retail and residential real estate.

Mayor christiane meyer (NLE) buried the expansion of housing at this site in september as a "milestone in the urban development of ebermannstadt".

For the area between schulstrabe and leinengraben, kronas, who was born in gasseldorf, commissioned the architectural firm grabel, erlangen, with a feasibility study. The architect, who has already designed the city hall and the "weitblick" development area, is the architect of choice for this project in ebermannstadt, a concept for "modern living that appeals to a wide audience" in front of.

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