The “fifth” beatle” was in bamberg

The "fifth beatle came to the short film days in bamberg the film is called "all you need is klaus" and deals with the "fifth beatle" klaus voormann, born 1938. For the presentation of the 90-minute documentary film voormann appeared in person as "artistic godfather the short film festival 2020 in the lichtspielkino.

The organizer volker traumann succeeded in bringing the graphic artist, musician, arranger, producer to bamberg. He was not only awarded for the black-and-white album "revolver", which was drawn in ink and collaged with photos the beatles of 1966 a grammy, voormann was also in demand as a musician. As a bass player he toured in the sixties with manfred mann's band and later with eric clapton in john lennon's "plastic ono band" on the way.

After the film, which focuses on the making of his solo album with many of his journeys "A sideman"s journey" klaus voormann fulfilled numerous requests to sign record sleeves designed by him, his books and even an original 500/1 hofner e-bass from 1964 from the manufactory in bubenreuth near erlangen, like the one paul mccartney still occasionally plays today.

Rough rush

The bassist of the erlangen band "the rovers, gunter liebscher, got it from his aunt back then and brought it to the "meet& greet" with klaus voormann who was happy to sign it. The rush was great, because voormann was not only one of the most sought-after bass players in the 60s and 70s, but also because he was and still is, along with paul mccartney and ringo starr, a close companion of the liverpool band. About this extraordinary career and friendship tell his books and the film shown, which can also be seen on the net on youtube.

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