The era of wagner is over

The era of wagner is over

The era of wolfgang wagner is over. At the annual general meeting of the untersteinach horticultural and preservation society in the fortuna sports center, the 70-year-old no longer stood for election after 32 years as chairman and a total of 36 years on the board of directors. The members elected harald wenig as his successor.

Wagner recalled the winter pruning course with horticultural engineer jurgen pflaum, the participation in the environment day and the boccia tournament at the blechkuchenfest in gumpersdorf, as well as various lectures and a herb walk. The number of members has increased by three to 172 people.

Treasurer jurgen laaber reported on finances. Jurgen konrad certified him a proper bookkeeping.

At the single house competition "ecological garden elements, which was presented by district chairman gunter reif, was won by heinz erhardt, the rudiger hohl family (both haus- und hofbaum) and edith reimann (fassadengrun/efeu).

Second mayor hans-peter rohrlein praised the lively life in the association. "The commune appreciates the work and the interest in nature."

There were several changes at the elections for the next four years.

"It is time to step into the second row after 36 years on the board of directors. I enjoyed doing the honorary office", said wolfgang wagner, who did not run for office again.

In conclusion, district chairman gunter reif e showed colorful slides of flowering plants. 

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