Sign for peace and people’s understanding came to bad staffelstein

sign for peace and people's understanding came to bad staffelstein

For more than 25 years now, scouts have been setting an example for peace and people’s understanding by distributing the light of peace from bethlehem. This year’s peace light campaign in germany makes it clear that it is becoming increasingly important to courageously stand up for peace.

"Courage for peace

Under the motto "courage for peace this year we encourage all people of good will to work for peace and a tolerant society. In times of strife, also the st. St. George’s scouts from bad staffelstein set an example for peace. This is how they brought the light of peace from bethlehem to the city parish church of saint kilian. There was an ecumenical celebration with parish priest matthias beck and the evangelical pastor helmuth bautz, which the children’s choir "happy smile" framed with various songs.

In three everyday situations, mobbing, exclusion, person in need, young scouts have represented situations of courage. In the church, a QR code on a cell phone allowed people to vote for similar situations they had experienced as perpetrators, victims, passive bystanders or helpers.

Every year, people from different nations set out to bring the light of peace from bethlehem to our homes. It crosses a distance of more than 3000 kilometers, over many walls and borders. "We therefore encourage all scouts to set out together and bring the light of peace from bethlehem under the motto "courage for peace" to be passed on as a sign of peace in numerous places all over germany. Also to us in bad staffelstein", according to scout anna.

Passing on to other communities

The churchgoers were informed about the history of the peace light with a short film. Emma, max, leonie and sina then entered the church with the peace light and placed it on the altar. Now the ambassadors of other parishes and groups could take the light with them. With the scout song "flinke hande, flinke fube" (nimble hands, nimble feet) the ecumenical celebration came to an end. Afterwards the scouts invited to mulled wine, punch, soup and fair traded goods in front of the church.

The light of peace has been lit for over 30 years in the weeks before christmas by an upper austrian child in the grotto of birth in bethlehem. On the third weekend of advent, numerous scouts made their way to vienna, where the european sending out ceremony took place. From there, the flame from bethlehem is passed on in special transport containers to the bistums, home communities and parishes. On sunday it arrived in nurnberg and at the train station in bad staffelstein the friesen scouts handed it over to local representatives.

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