Schuler answer the mask duty with pop art

"Bringing color into the sad everyday news": that was the intention of fifth-graders at the realschule hirschaid. Together with their art teacher, tanja potzel, they always took the daily newspaper into their hands during lessons. Recently you noticed an article in the bamberger local edition. Headline: "masks are compulsory here from today", with a detailed map of where to cover mouth and nose. This newspaper page revised the young people. The result: artworks between expressionism, graffiti art and pop art. "Since the news in the newspaper is often so dreary, one or the other picture of the schoolchildren brought color into the sad everyday news", tanja potzel describes the background of the art action. The youngsters enjoyed the colorful art lesson: "now the newspaper will finally be colorful", the teacher quotes her pupils. The team of KLARTEXT!, this is the school project of this newspaper, finds the action strong! 

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