Schoolgirls hand over 10500 euros

schoolgirls hand over 10500 euros

Marion kruger-hundrup the young ladies in the old auditorium of the maria-ward schools are all members of the "SMV": the school’s student council. Emma bubmann (14), lena finzel (14), francesca heilmann (16), martina schmitt (14) and edanur soylemez (16) show that they take responsibility seriously. Very serious.

And not only for their fellow students in the secondary school and grammar school, but also for people outside the school walls: the tough ladies present symbolic checks to representatives of social associations for children in the bamberg region. The total sum amounts to a proud 10500 euros – from the proceeds of the school christmas market 2018.

"It’s fun to do something good!", says francesca about the whole action. Emma calls her motto for the donation handover: "together – organizing something for each other"!" And edanur also praises: "everyone helps out! The idea came from us schoolgirls, which is also in line with our school." For principal stephan reheuser, head of the maria-ward-gymnasium, this meeting in the morning break is a "good opportunity to show what is important in our society". Namely to exercise responsibility for those who are in difficult situations.

Teachers helped

The liaison teachers marga braun, daniela hummer and katrin rebhan as well as erika spulak, vice-principal of the secondary school, do not miss the opportunity to be present at the presentation of the check. How they supported their schoolgirls in the collection of donations at the christmas market. Baked goods and decorative items were sold, a flea market and cafeteria were organized, and raffles and performances were held. In class, the girls learned about challenging projects and chose "their" projects from: "all are really already!", says emma, who diplomatically doesn’t want to emphasize a favorite.

The representatives of the association are all very happy about the money "which makes our work easier", how to hear.

The association "path the foster and adoptive families in bamberg and the surrounding area receive 2500 euro for a three-day children’s and youth retreat, the women’s house bamberg in sponsorship of the skf (social service of catholic women) receives 2000 euro for community activities with mothers and children during the year, the association "toy-run – traume fur kranke kinder erlangen" (toy-run – dreams for sick children erlangen) receives a donation from the "toy-run" 3000 euro for a special bicycle, the congregatio jesu (maria-ward sisters) for their mission project in zimbabwe (construction of a secondary school) 2000 euro, and a kindergarten and preschool in soweto for new toys and teaching materials 1000 euro.

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