Charlie chaplin and his life

The kronacher kunstverein invites all interested listeners and readers to a literary matinee on sunday, 21. October, at 11 a.M. The two books "21 lessons for the 21st century" will be presented. Century." By yuval noah harari and "the story of my life" ("my autobiography") from charlie chaplin.

Charlie chaplin (1889-1977) captured the hearts of film lovers with his silent films and his parade role as the lovable tramp. In 1964, twelve years after being denied return to the united states of america due to accusations of being a closet communist, charlie chaplin published his autobiography "the story of my life" during his exile in switzerland ("my autobiography").


Iphofer burgers honored in the field of education and sports

Young and old, education and sports – the range of awards presented by the city of iphofen in the packed karl knauf hall was once again very broad, according to a press release. From the first-grader to lower franconian champions in judo, sports badges, teams and athletes from a wide variety of sports, to the city’s highest award – the sportsmen and sportswomen of the year – there was a wide range of honorees at the evening, which was entertainingly moderated by hilar burkard. At the end of the event, the youth and sports officer retired after 30 years of service. Mayor josef mend was awarded a glass trophy for his sporting activities for the benefit of the town of iphofen, its clubs and its athletes.

The honorees

School honors: pascal bauer (nenzenheim, technical college entrance qualification, 1.9 grade point average), franziska frieb (monchsondheim, middle school entrance qualification, 1.9), dominik adler (possenheim, middle school entrance qualification, 1.8), laura hilpert (iphofen, middle school diploma, physical and motor development demand center in wurzburg heuchelhof), paul stryski (iphofen, high school diploma, 1.7), philip straub (iphofen, master’s degree in marketing and human resources management, 1.6), jasmin veit (hellmitzheim, high school diploma, 1.5), leonie straub (iphofen, physiotherapy training, 1.4), eva wagenknecht (nenzenheim, intermediate school leaving certificate, 1.25), philipp heubach (monchsondheim, agricultural training, 1.14), peter hartmann (possenheim, training as a plant mechanic for sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology, 1.14), julius kolesch (iphofen, training as a painter and varnisher, 1.1), special honor: julius lehner (iphofen, district winner of the elementary school math competition).