Muller and nagel in the center of the new year’s glow

"Honors have a somewhat negative aspect: you notice that you are getting old."Who else but dettelbach’s old castle mayor reinhold kuhn could have brought more wisdom to the honoring round of the assembly at the "new year’s glow" of the CSU local association on saturday evening?. With 40 years of membership, kuhn was by no means the most senior honored party member.

Away from the annual general meeting and towards a special honorary evening, local chairman marcel hannweber wanted to celebrate last year. The reason: the honorees were to be the center of attention this evening, something that is often pushed into the background at usual party gatherings. The "new year’s gluhen" with gluhwein at the beginning and then a first suckling pig dinner seemed to be the right frame and – as the second edition on saturday showed – also the right way to go.

And so it was up to hannweber himself and the deputy chairwoman of the district barbara becker to honor those to be honored with certificates and pins. At the top were reinhold muller and ludwig nagel, both of whom have been members of the party for 55 years.

They, like the "cornerstone of the dettelbach CSU," lothar voltz, were awarded the diamond in gold for 50 years. 45 years as members are arno weimann, bernd seibel and paul pfeuffer; 40 years: hella barthel and reinhold kuhn, who also led the town for 30 years as mayor; 35 years: monika muller and winfried noller; 30 years: thomas dauenhauer, who, among other things, was also local chairman of the young union; for 25 years and awarded the silver badge of honor, ursula richter; 20 years as members are christiane and jorg holtmann and 15 years peter wunder.

The next event of the local association is the kreuzberg beer tapping with the member of the bundestag dorothee bar on 9. March 2018 in the historic town hall in dettelbach.

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