Marion stamm takes over

Marion stamm takes over

In a small ceremony, marion stamm was introduced as the new head of the office of the weibe ring for the district of kulmbach. The new clubhouse manager does a variety of volunteer work and lives with her family in kasendorf.

The regional chairman of the crime victims' aid organization for bavaria-north, police director a.D. Josef wittmann, presented the importance and structure of the non-profit association, which was co-founded in 1976 by tv presenter eduard zimmermann. Today, the weibe ring is germany's largest support organization for victims of crime, with around 44,000 members. Wittmann briefly described the possible aid measures and reported that in the past year alone, the weibe ring had been able to provide aid for the statutory purpose of "helping victims" over 9.4 million euros have been allocated to the team. "In many cases, we have been able to provide advice and support to crime victims and their families through human assistance and personal counseling, even without direct financial support."

In addition to active victim assistance, the association demands that politicians, the judiciary and the administration improve the legal and social situation of crime victims and their families. Wittmann: "the weibe ring also fights for a stronger social awareness for the situation of the victims. He supports crime prevention and demands more public funds for crime prevention."

In their speeches, district administrator klaus peter sollner () and mayor ingo lehmann (SPD) pointed out the importance of the non-profit association for the support of crime victims and the prevention of crime and also thanked for the volunteer work.

Police president alfons schieder from the police prasidium of upper franconia made it clear that the weibe ring provides human assistance and personal care. "Beyond the very concrete victim assistance, they are also extensively involved in crime prevention, whether with brochures or with projects and digital initiatives." Melanie dotzler provided the musical accompaniment for the ceremony. 

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