Many bird species to be seen at the bavarian championship in nudlingen

In nudlingen goes on saturday, 1. December, and sunday, 2. December, the bavarian championship 2018 of the birders, bird lovers and bird conservation clubs BLV over the stage. The delivery of the animals to the exhibition hall of the small animal breeding club nudlingen at the leimerich already took place on thursday. The judging took place on friday.

Locals and exotics

Among the numerous birds there are canaries, native forest birds, parakeets, exotics, finches and parrots to see. The exhibition under the direction of roland hehn and the patronage of nudlingen’s mayor harald hofmann is on saturday, 1. December, from 9 a.M. To 5 p.M., and sunday, december 2, from 9 a.M. To 4 p.M., open to the public. The official opening will take place on saturday at 10 am. On saturday evening the festkommers starts at 7 pm in the nudlinger schutzenhaus.

During the delivery of the animals roland hehn was convinced that the show will again provide excellent impressions of the bird world. "Bavarian breeders will again exchange their experiences in nudlingen", said roland hehn. He also hopes for great interest among children and young people.

About roland hehn

Roland hehn, who worked as an installer for a long time, is a passionate bird breeder. He can rightly claim to be one of the most successful breeders in the world. The best results were achieved with his "munchner kanarien". He gives an insight into the "secrets" the breeders: "not only the visual impression, a flawless plumage, but also the overall behavior of the birds is decisive for the successful performance of the birds at the awards. They should present themselves calmly and self-confidently in their kafigen. 20 german championship titles and many runner-up honors under hehn’s belt. He started the breeding in 1978, four decades ago.

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