Kulmbach city derby on the occasion of the beer festival kick-off

Kulmbach city derby on the occasion of the beer festival kick-off

The first points in the fubball-kreisklasse 4 kulmbach has brought in newcomer BSC kulmbach on thursday evening. The blue team won 4:1 against TSV thurnau.

Player-coach alexander stamm was satisfied: "a win in the first home game is always important. I think we are now in this balanced league arrived. In contrast to the opening defeat in kupferberg, we rewarded ourselves with good chances against thurnau and used them." On saturday (3 p.M.), BSC has a special game coming up: on the day of the beer festival kickoff, of all things, vfb kulmbach will be visiting the blaich for a city derby. "This is already a super constellation. To celebrate the second home victory in the city derby on the day of the beer festival kick-off would be sensational" says trunk.

Vfb kulmbach with a wind of change

The vfb also goes into the derby with a wind of change: it won 4:1 against SG kupferberg/ludwigschorgast on thursday. Metzdorf coach ralf carl saw a convincing game from his team: "we were absolutely superior to our opponents. Certainly kupferberg is without important regulars like alexander schuberth or domingo sader started. Nevertheless, it was a strong opponent, against whom we have shown a good game." Ralf carl is looking forward to the city derby: "a derby like this at the beer festival has a very special appeal. We want to win the thing to be able to celebrate together in the stadel afterwards."

Carl estimates that the BSC is on a par with his team: "we know which players we have to pay special attention to and will prepare accordingly. But we also have enough quality ourselves to hold our own there." Alexander stamm, the player-coach from blaich, is also looking forward to the game: "in my opinion, vfb is the clear favorite. We can play without pressure."

BSC kulmbach with some failures

The blaicher have to do without daniel rauh (fractured toe), nicolas drack (achilles tendinitis), tim ittner (torn muscle bundle), tobias seifert (bone fracture) and thiemo kohler (vacation) . For the metzdorf team, mario ramming (privately prevented) and mathias kodisch (fubentzundung) are absent.

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