Kitzingen girls on the way to berlin

The newly formed school handball team from the armin knab high school in kitzingen also won the district championship in age group II. Dusan suchy’s proteges defeated the team from the bad neustadt business school 14:2 in their first game. They had more problems with the real school girls from grobostheim. The kitzingen girls quickly fell behind (0:2, 3:6), had problems with the offensive defense and showed weaknesses in their own 6:0 defense. Only a change to a 5:1 system brought improvement. But it was not enough for more than a 10:10 score.

An undisturbed 16:7 victory against the selection of the balthasar-neumann-gymnasium marktheidenfeld finally brought the kitzingen girls the tournament victory and the qualification for the north bavaria final. They also prevailed there, and so they will now meet in the bavarian final on 13. Marz in gunzburg on the team of the gymnasium herrsching. The winner of the match travels to the national final in berlin – the armin knab high school is a regular guest there. In the picture the north bavaria winners (back from left): cara reuthal, ina hertlein, sarah reinertz, thu-huong tong, franziska remler, marietta bohm, coach dusan suchy; (front from left) lara moser, julia schiffmaier, lea ganz, alina kieser and hanna hahn.

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