Karl rub earns the honorary award

Karl rub earns the honorary award

"The district of kitzingen can be proud of its many volunteers, who obviously act exactly according to this motto and actively, dedicatedly and persistently ensure that our world changes for the better", said district administrator tamara bischof at the reception for the international day of honorary office in the district administration office.

The many different forms of honorary work made it necessary to focus on one small and manageable area when receiving the award from the district. This year, the focus was on education, culture, and community needs. The need is lived and cultivated everywhere and tradition and need were seen more and more as a return to one’s own roots. In the broadest sense, culture means everything that people themselves create, from the cultivation of spiritual good such as theater, music, and acting to readings and lectures. The diversity of honorary work in the fields of education, culture and community service is reflected in the range of 21 proposals submitted by the municipalities. The activities range from music performances to museum pedagogy, chronicle and archive activities, fraternities, trombone choirs, carnival clubs, reading mentors, involvement in cultural-historical working groups or in the settlers’ association. Tamara bischof emphasized to the mayors of the award winners’ municipalities that the structural conditions and voluntary commitment had to be questioned and improved so that volunteers could enjoy their work and find respect and recognition. At the honorary office reception in the spring, the bishop therefore asked bavarian social minister kerstin schreyer at the honorary office gala to achieve better recognition of honorary office holders within the framework of the exemption law for honorary employees, recognition of honorary office in the allocation of university places or in the pension points.

"They can all be classified as worthy of a prize", the district administrator addressed the 21 groups and individuals". She asked the proposed persons to continue to be role models and to convince others of what they are doing. The first prize of 300 euros at the eighth honorary award of the district went to karl rub from huttenheim. He plays in various chapels and was honored last year for 50 years of church music. He takes care of processions, corridors or festive services, repairs or renovations of the church with grant applications and construction processing and has been active in the church administration for 30 years. He has created historical exhibitions with image and text contributions, deciphered handwritten books and ensured that these chronicles are now available on CD as a reference work for historical research.

The second prize and 200 euros were awarded to the representatives of the cultural-historical circle of dettelbach. The association, founded in 1988, has dedicated itself to the preservation and promotion of culture in dettelbach and its districts and initiates guided tours, lectures, exhibitions and provides impulses for culturally and historically relevant issues. Through projects such as sculpture symposiums, a sculpture and recreational park with kneipp pool, bocce ball, which means an open meeting place for young and old, was created. The association loves to restore a cross tractor and to place it in a new location in a more protected way. The jury awarded third place and 100 euros to the "history in buchbrunn" association, which was founded in 2002 to. The linear pottery settlement of northern bavaria found in buchbrunn was the impetus for founding the association. In the town hall are exhibited some finds from the time around 5000 BC and since 2008 the association offers more museum educational activities with workshops for children. Several contributors of the association around wolfgang doring as the driving force have published the buchbrunn history in the 500 page book "history and stories" refurbished. Even for old residents, there was a lot of new and interesting information for newcomers.

These individuals and groups were honored with certificates, congratulations and words of thanks for the following individuals: ursula zehnder (abtswind), michael meyer (kaltensondheim), wolfgang schneider (hellmitzheim), erich kiefer (kitzingen), karlheinz menger (marktsteft), gustav forster (nordheim), lothar flurschutz (reupelsdorf) and ulrike lapp (kleinlangheim).
Groups and associations were honored: initiativkreis kultur, geschichte und archaologie (kleinlangheim), st. Veit (iphofen), group "frech-fromm-frankisch" (kitzingen), volkstanzgruppe mainstockheim), historisch burschenschaft markt einersheim, arbeitskreis kultur im rathaus (markt einersheim), siedlerverein schwarzach, bucherei-team sommerach, helfer-team museum barockscheune (volkach) and burgerwehr wiesentheid.

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