Iphofer burgers honored in the field of education and sports

Young and old, education and sports – the range of awards presented by the city of iphofen in the packed karl knauf hall was once again very broad, according to a press release. From the first-grader to lower franconian champions in judo, sports badges, teams and athletes from a wide variety of sports, to the city’s highest award – the sportsmen and sportswomen of the year – there was a wide range of honorees at the evening, which was entertainingly moderated by hilar burkard. At the end of the event, the youth and sports officer retired after 30 years of service. Mayor josef mend was awarded a glass trophy for his sporting activities for the benefit of the town of iphofen, its clubs and its athletes.

The honorees

School honors: pascal bauer (nenzenheim, technical college entrance qualification, 1.9 grade point average), franziska frieb (monchsondheim, middle school entrance qualification, 1.9), dominik adler (possenheim, middle school entrance qualification, 1.8), laura hilpert (iphofen, middle school diploma, physical and motor development demand center in wurzburg heuchelhof), paul stryski (iphofen, high school diploma, 1.7), philip straub (iphofen, master’s degree in marketing and human resources management, 1.6), jasmin veit (hellmitzheim, high school diploma, 1.5), leonie straub (iphofen, physiotherapy training, 1.4), eva wagenknecht (nenzenheim, intermediate school leaving certificate, 1.25), philipp heubach (monchsondheim, agricultural training, 1.14), peter hartmann (possenheim, training as a plant mechanic for sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology, 1.14), julius kolesch (iphofen, training as a painter and varnisher, 1.1), special honor: julius lehner (iphofen, district winner of the elementary school math competition).

Sports badges: new record in the 2019 sports year: with 168 sports badges, exactly one more sports badge was achieved than in the previous year. The 168 sports badges were divided into 119 children/youth and 49 adults. The 119 sports badges for children/youth were achieved by the TSV iphofen handball youth (35 youth), the judo youth of the 1.FC iphofen (35), the wasserwachtjugend iphofen (31) and the TSV iphofen (18).

Lifeguard and snorkel badge: in the seven lifeguard badges, nelly stadtelmeyer, gloria kunstler and xaver reich achieved bronze, regina haas silver and maximilian schmidt the golden one, which is a very rare achievement.

Individual sports honors: judokas of the 1. FC iphofen (lower franconian champions anika weigand and johanna holzheimer; uter franconian runners-up emilia muller, isabell dietz and daniel tabert; 3. Places in lower franconia for alexander gust, nils schenk, kilian betz). From the center for the physically handicapped in wurzburg/heuchelhof tamara hilpert (1. 1st place in endurance 600 meter run at the bavarian state school sports festival in passau for the physically handicapped), laura hilpert (2. 1st place in 600 meter endurance run and 2. Place in the triathlon 100 m sprint, long jump and 200 gr shot put at the bavarian state school sports festival in passau); michael grade(TSV iphofen, participation in a muskathlon, a marathon that takes place in remote places in countries affected by hunger, need, poverty and human trafficking. Michael started in kenya in 2000 m and completed the marathon distance in 3:28.43 hours); christina rotting (schutzengesellschaft dornheim, 1. Place junior 1/female at the gaumeisterschaft in air rifle); martin schmer (schutzengesellschaft dornheim, 1. Place men 3 in the airplstole at the gaumeisterschaft, 1. 3rd place men’s air pistol at the district championship); zoe winter (TC iphofen, 2nd place at the lower franconian tournament series in the midcourt competition); jari mohr (TC iphofen, 1. Place at the lower franconian tournament series in the small field); emiliy troll (TSA/SV/DJK unterspiesheim, youth freestyle 1. Place in bavaria, 2. Place in germany, 3. Place in europe).

Athlete of the year 2019: michael grade (TSV iphofen); emilia muller (1. FC iphofen: champion fubball U11 and lower franconian runner-up in judo, TSV iphofen: district champion and lower franconian champion in volleyball female U 13 and sport badge recipient).

Team of the year 2019: the female B-youth handball team of TSV iphofen.

Coach of the year 2019: florian lenzer,marcel schellenberg, daniel lux (all three coached the U9 of the 1. FC iphofen).

Trainer of the year 2019: martina taileffer-schnepf (wasserwacht iphofen, aubergewohnliche commitment to youth work and youth training); stucht e.V. Iphofen: susanne muller and simone sauer(iphofer kropfeli/kindertanzgruppe), martina bernhardt and marina muller (stucht kids/children’s show group), aileen memmel (girlsshowgruppe "mambo nr. 8"), annette weib (wilder haufen/women’s dance group with three men), nadja muller and lisa ryba (iphofer kropfer).

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