Ghost game for lichtenfels manner

Of course, this is a gross deprivation for the team as well as for the fan community – but in the end understandable. Guest in the ghost game is the promoted HSC coburg III on sunday (3 p.M.). The game will be the first test of manners for the TS coaching duo cornelius john and philipp rodel.

Strengthening of TV michelau

Opposite benedikt freiburg and mika lange, who are no longer part of the TS-team, pascal bohmer celebrates his debut in the jersey of TS lichtenfels. Bohmer has transferred from the district class team TV michelau and strengthens the backcourt. The youngsters moritz tremel and goalkeeper tom freiburg already gained experience in the men’s division and are now an integral part of the team, which has been able to train regularly since july. "All in all, it is difficult to assess where we stand in comparison to the other district league teams," praised kolenda, says coach john. It remains to be seen with which squad the hscler will compete. The bavarian league a youth is free of games and was able to strengthen the guest. But the korbstadt team is well-positioned and well-rehearsed.

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