Frankish wine queen visits the dorfschatzen

The "arbeitsgemeinschaft dorfschatze" buried the french wine queen carolin meyer from greuth and the newly crowned prichsenstadter wine princess yvonne heumann for their exhibition at the spring market in wiesentheid.

The theme of the exhibition was the strategy seminar of dorfschatze. To create the basic conditions for a strategic reorientation of the work of the "dorfschatze" was the goal of this weekend seminar. The first results and impressions were shown by the workgroup dorfschatze in the exhibition in the foyer of the town hall in wiesentheid. The 64. Frankish wine queen and wine princess yvonne I. Got to know the management of the dorfschatze and some of the mayors of the dorfschatze association over a glass of casteller silvaner.

Carolin meyer also immortalized herself in the golden book of the community of wiesentheid (picture). Alexandra ludwig, head of the village treasury, and werner knaier, mayor of wiesentheid, were delighted with the popularity of the event. As a farewell gift there was the chronicle uber wiesentheid.

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