Forest walk in the museum

The bamberger land farm museum has started its 2013 museum season. The team around museum director birgit jauernig has even brought two special exhibitions to frensdorf this year.

At the special exhibition "forest stories. Forestry and hunting in bavaria 811 – 2011" everything revolves around the theme "forest". The visitors learn how important the forest has been and is for man throughout history. For many centuries, the forest provided people with timber and firewood, as well as material for work equipment, furniture and vehicles. It provided mushrooms, berries, honey and resin. For a long time, the forest pasture was indispensable for feeding cattle and pigs. Twigs, leaves and foliage used as cattle feed and bedding.

The exhibition conceived by the bavarian state archives is supplemented by numerous objects in the bamberger land farmers' museum. The example of a half-timbered barn with beams that have been used over and over again for centuries illustrates the use of wood as a resource. In addition, tools from the axe to the motorsaw illustrate the technical progress in forestry work together with historical photographs.

The traveling exhibition "home – rediscover!?" The bayerischer landesverein fur heimatpflege is concerned with intangible folk culture, singing, playing and dancing, and above all with concertina. This musical instrument is native to eastern franconia and the bavarian vogtland and is a regional specialty.

At information boards and exhibits, at a listening station and a feelbox, the visitors learn a lot of interesting facts about the musical folk culture in upper franconia. At the official exhibition opening on friday, 12. April, 5 p.M. At the bamberger land farmers' museum, the bayreuth rotmain trio and the bandoneon duo matthes provide musical entertainment.

Dancing then begins in the hall of the schmaus museum inn. Without electricity and without notes, the two harmonica groups inspire music lovers across france. From leno to folk music to tango – there is something for everyone in the repertoire of the groups. 

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