Five very committed women

It is already a good tradition that on the occasion of the "international day of honorary office in the pre-christmas season, the honorary pin of the district of kulmbach is awarded to committed citizens for special services in the honorary field. For their outstanding commitment in honorary office, district administrator klaus peter sollner () honored christine hofmann-niebler, ilona fischer, ingrid burges, christel tischer and katharina munch. In the area of rescue organizations, the district council also awarded the honorary pin to siegfried escher from mainleus, but he was unable to attend the ceremony due to a sudden illness.

District administrator klaus peter sollner said: "here in the district of kulmbach, more than one in two people has had a connection to volunteering for over 14 years. This is of irreplaceable importance for social cohesion. It is the people in honorary office who make our whole country and our district of kulmbach strong."

Since 2006, the district has awarded this symbolic token of gratitude every year. This year it went to the following five women:

Christine hofmann-niebler:, laudator horst degelmann said about the neuenmarkt dentist: "she connects her fellow human beings with her music making and shares her joy and enthusiasm with them." In her hometown of neuenmarkt, she joined the trombone choir as a wind player at a very early age. In addition, the trebgast trombone choir has been able to rely on her as an active wind player for over ten years. She works here in particular with the ladies' formation "weibsblech" with and founded the women's orchestra "cappuccino, whose good soul she has been ever since. She has also been loyal to the burghaig music society for over ten years.

Ilona fischer: laudator lothar seyfferth described the honoree as a "doer" at the FSV danndorf. The association is a crystallization point for the village community in this small town of 320 souls. "And one who has played a decisive role in this, and above all in the extremely positive development of her FSV danndorf over the last 20 years, is ilona fischer." Since 1996 she has had uninterrupted responsibility for the management of the association. First as youth leader and youth supervisor for more than 12 years; in 2003 she took over the office of secretary and from 2011 to 2017 she led the FSV danndorf as chairwoman. Lothar seyfferth described ilona fischer as a sympathizer with great sportsmanship. Beyond sports, ilona fischer volunteers in numerous other local associations.

Ingrid burges: the honorary pin bearer has been involved in social volunteering for over 30 years. Laudator elisabeth weith: "especially in the social sector, voluntary work is often carried by the spirit of providing support and help to socially disadvantaged people. This is the field of activity to which ingrid burges has dedicated herself since she joined the awo-ortsverein untersteinach in 1989. Since then, she has been a member of the board of directors without interruption." She took over the office of seniors' leader in 1988 and has now been organizing the monthly excursions of the seniors' club for over 30 years.

Christel tischer: according to laudator elisabeth weith, the honoree is "a woman who stands for honorary office within the catholic church like almost no other". The thurnau native has been involved in a wide variety of volunteer activities within her church congregations for 47 years. She is also one of the founding members of the caritas kulmbach district association. Since moving to thurnau in 2016, christel tischer has also been involved in the thurnau branch church as a matter of course. Marien and additionally in the parish in neudrossenfeld. For st. Since 1972, she has been an irreplaceable pillar of the life of the church community and is regarded as the "good soul" here.

Katharina munch: in the youth work category, the focus is not on many years of achievement, but on above-average commitment at a very young age. Katharina munch is a young woman who is a reliable figure in evangelical youth work, according to laudator sabine knobloch. She has been involved in this area with great enthusiasm for six years and took on responsibility at a very early stage. Since 2018, she has been a delegate for the state youth convention and in this function represents the evangelische jugend kulmbach at the bavarian level. Katharina munch is also involved in the kulmbach benefit project "music connects"

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