Five “new” members and will’s first appearance

five 'new' members and will's first appearance

Due to corona, the constituent meeting of the new municipal council of stadelhofen took place in the village and not, as usual, in the administrative center in steinfeld. The home of the stadelhofen music association offered enough space for the numerous interested visitors. 44-year-old volker will (uwg) from wolkendorf, who owns an inn there and works as a warehouse manager in stadelhofen, made his first appearance as the new mayor. Hermann adelhardt sworn in as mayor as the oldest member of the municipal council.

Furthermore, five new councillors were sworn in: peter deinhart (JWS) and christian eberlein (JWS) from schederndorf, thomas kunzelmann (uwg) from stadelhofen, matthias turkon (CSU) from steinfeld and mirjam stark (CSU) from hohenhausling. With stark and the re-elected ulrike pauer (uwg), two of the four female candidates have made it into the twelve-headed municipal council. The committee then unanimously decided to elect a second and third mayor. But that was the end of the unanimity. The CSU has five council members in the new council, the JWS has two council members and the uwg has five plus the mayor.

Frank grasser (CSU) won the election with 7:6 votes against josef lohrlein. Although the election was secret, it can be assumed from the voting results that the CSU and JWS formed an alliance. This presumed connection also held in the election of the third mayor, as christian eberlein of the JWS received seven votes and ulrike pauer of the uwg only six votes. The bylaws regulating matters of local municipal constitutional law were voted on with 8:5, as the majority of the council wanted to maintain the high level of the old meeting allowance and rejected the payment according to minimum wage per hour.

The rules of procedure were approved unanimously. Ulrike pauer (uwg) and wolfgang schrauder (CSU) were elected to represent the municipality of stadelhofen in the steinfeld administrative community, in addition to the appointed mayor. Mirjam stark became the representative in the school association for the elementary school in stadelhofen, winning with 7:6 votes against josef lohrlein.

Ulrike pauer was elected with all votes to the council of the school association middle school scheblitz. The council members representing the community in the stadelhofen kindergarten association are peter deinhart, ulrike pauer, christian gohl, mirjam stark and frank grasser. Councillors in the special purpose association for water supply of the schederndorf group were christian eberlein, peter deinhart, christian schmelzing and ludwig dutthorn. The following were elected to the audit committee: willibald schmitt (chairman) and thomas kunzelman from the uwg, hermann adelhardt and wolfgang schrauder from the CSU, and christian eberlein from the JWS.

Josef lohrlein and willibald schmitt from the uwg, wolfgang schrauder and matthias turkon from the CSU, and christian eberlein from the JWS were elected to the newly installed construction committee. After some discussion, thomas kunzelmann was confirmed as youth representative and ulrike pauer as deputy. Mayor will announced to hold regular youth consultation hours. It was difficult to find a representative for seniors and the disabled, but finally peter deinhardt agreed and was elected to office. Burgermeister will, former commissioner for the disabled, declared his willingness to support deinhart. Furthermore, mayor will was appointed as registrar for marriages and the formation of civil partnerships.

The local representatives

The local representatives are christian gohl for eichenhull, mirjam stark for hohenhausling, christian eberlein for schederndorf, thomas kunzelmann for stadelhofen, wolfgang schrauder for steinfeld and willibald schmitt for wotzendorf. Until the election of a local speaker for pfaffendorf and robdorf am berg, which no longer have their own municipal council, this task will be taken over by oswin freitag for pfaffendorf and christian schmelzing for robdorf am berg.B.

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