Fired & celebrated

fired & celebrated

Josef hofbauer mundungsfeuer and loud bangs from bollern and cannons lit up the night at the bollerschieben on the occasion of the meeting of the district bollerschutzen on saturday evening in effeltrich. Schutzen from all four upper franconian regions as well as friends from upper bavaria came to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the local bollerschutzen with the people of effeltrich.

Firing was from hand and stock bollards. Only on sunday, at the official meeting of the bollerschutzen, boller cannons were also used. "Charge.", "damn", "set a cap", "cock the rooster", "sets high", "fire" commandant thomas heumann ordered during the slow and fast single fire as well as the common salute. The commander informed the crowd that the tinder charge, consisting of up to 40 grams of black powder, explodes at a temperature of 2300 degrees celsius. She leaves the bollermundung mjt a speed of 600 meters per second.That is the equivalent of more than 2000 km/h.

After each salvo thick powder clouds also passed the spectators. The spectators were impressed by this fiery spectacle. Even more impressive were the brilliant fireworks that the bollerschutzen set off on the sports field. The staging of the sophisticated pyrotechnics was accompanied by astonished aaah and ohhh of the numerous spectators.

After the "weibwurstfruhschoppen" the "bollerschutzen" formed up on sunday for the procession in the direction of the sports field. Led by the sound of the drums of the brass band pocking near starnberg the bollerschutzen in their lederhosen, red, green or blue check shirts, a traditional jacket and hat followed the music. A total of 34 groups from the neighbors from poxdorf, kersbach, and pinzberg to the drussafeller maintalbollern and guests from the steigerwald had announced themselves.

Also present were mayor kathrin heimann (DEL) and environment minister thorsten glauber (). The "historical city guard of franconia" provided special colorful touches and the hochstadter musketeers. They were led by chairman hans schubert, who as captain also carried a rappier, a blunt sabel. They still used a fuse to ignite their cannon, because at that time the cap had not yet been invented.

Back in the marquee the party continued. In addition, the founder of the effeltricher bollerschutzen, michael hofmann and tanja rau, the first boller commander, were honored.

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