Experts discuss cybercrime

experts discuss cybercrime

Experts from the international police organizations interpol and europol are expected to speak, as well as the president of the constitutional protection agency, hans-georg maaben.

Experts deplore growing danger from crime on the net. According to the EU, one million people worldwide fall victim to cybercrime every day. According to the report, the damage caused amounts to around 290 billion euros per year. Crimes range from hacked bank transfers to data theft and digital extortion to gang-related distribution of child pornography.

In germany, the number of cases stagnated recently. In 2011, there were around 60,000 cases of cybercrime, according to the latest situation report from the federal criminal police office (BKA). However, the damage caused has grown, the number of unreported cases is very high and the perpetrators are becoming more and more professional. BKA experts warn that there is no reason to sound the alarm.

Experts discuss protection and security in the digital space at police congress until wednesday. A left-wing alliance has announced protests on the sidelines of the meeting. A demonstration against the congress with about 650 people from left-wing and autonomous groups was followed by rioting on saturday evening. But berlin police do not expect further riots.

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