“Endland” premiered: where refugees “invaders” live

It is a gloomy vision of the future and a mind game. At the premiere of the play "endland," the schauspiel hannover asked the question: what would happen if a right-wing nationalist party ruled germany again??

For the book, author martin schauble researched right-wing milieus, studied the afd’s program and attended the party’s election events. "It was very important to me to meet this language," he said.

A push order is in force at the german border, refugees are fought as "invaders": in the novel published in 2017, a right-wing nationalist party implements its understanding of order. The focus is on a young soldier who is enthusiastic about the right-wing government, anton (sebastian weiss), who guards the border wall, his best friend noah (maximilian grunewald), and fana (sithembile menck), who meets anton in a camp after her escape from athiopia.

Before the novel was published, the investigations into lieutenant colonel franco A. A subtext: at the beginning of 2017 A. Arrested for allegedly planning attacks based on right-wing extremist sentiments. He had posed as a syrian refugee. In "endland," anton is given the task of setting off a bomb disguised as a ukrainian asylum seeker in order to further fuel anti-migrant sentiment. "The subject matter is totally exciting because of its topicality," said director paul schwesig. "Theater also has a mission to wake people up."

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