Coarse stump in the soprano

Renate sachs, who has now celebrated her 70th birthday. She celebrated her 50th birthday, loves to sing for a living. Already as a 14 year old she joined the singing club "liederhort" ludwigschorgast near. Even today, the jubilarian is
a reliable soprano, hardly ever misses a singing lesson or a performance.
Her loyalty was rewarded with the golden badge of honor for 50 years of singing in the choir. Praise came from the chairman michael rief, who congratulated in the form of a poem: "always remember, don’t forget, we love you and we need you"." The mixed choir performed a colorful bunch of songs under the direction of alexander thern.
The hardworking churchgoer is also a member of the parish council and helps clean the church. Parish priest michal osak and parish council chairwoman maria thanked her for her work
From the horticultural association the chairmen klaus-peter kugler and klaus gotz wished all the best. Renate sachs is a trained saleswoman and worked at the company storchenmuhle in mannsflur. Two daughters, one son and six grandchildren celebrated with her. T. Braunersreuther

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