Christa burkhardt leaves after 37 years of service

Christa Burkhardt leaves after 37 years of service

Farewells are a part of life, even if people, habits or customs that one has grown fond of are gladly kept. Farewells are usually very emotional, and this became very clear at the graduation ceremony of the abt knauer elementary school in weismain.

This is how christa burkhardt said goodbye after 37 years in the school service, which cost principal heike witzgall a few drinks. Since 1982, the popular padagogue has been an important cornerstone of the facility.

Ute chapple introduced the small ceremony with the flute group. The dance performance by the fourth-grade girls was a splash of color.

Roses and many good wishes

First heike witzgall said goodbye to the teacher trainee natalie stuhler. Roses and best wishes for the future were given to christa burkhardt on her way to retirement. "Thank you for the good time and your good deeds here", it was sung in a self-written song.

In his last official act, the chairman of the parents' council, meik algermissen, thanked christa burkhardt for 6808 school days in weismain. She had been the good soul with her level-headed manner and her humanity. The school management, the parents' council, the pupils and the parents could only say thank you

Heike witzgall gave algermissen a good report card. She praised the openness, helpfulness and inventiveness of the chairman and presented him with a small tree.

Praise was given to janitor oliver dietz and josef linz for organizing the school crossing helpers. The latter was pleased with the new bus shelter at the grunhaus. In the future, the children would be a step away from the street and would have a roof over their heads.

The schoolchildren were tops in the field of sports. 32 boys and girls received an honorary certificate at the national youth games. Sophie lieb, paul susdorf, dora hoch, jonas betz, selin and anton fischer were the best of the year. Alina bravo valenzuela and luca muller were honored as the best in school.

Johanna hannemann and joana muller achieved the best swimming badges.

Mathilda eberlein, sophie reitwiebner, emmi merklein, jannik herold, elsa beuerle, katharina schreppel, anna beblein and selin fischer achieved the best grades in their classes. They all received a book gift for their great performance.

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