Children run for the town library

Karin wengerter, director of the town library, is pleased to receive a donation of 1000 euros. The money came from a charity run organized by the parents’ council of the hammelburg elementary school at the monchsturm together with helpers.

The run covered a total of 2270 kilometers. In addition to the elementary school children, preschool children from kindergartens in hammelburg, diebach, obereschenbach and gauaschach took part in the race. First of all, the teachers also ran, as elementary school principal simone albert explained at the donation ceremony.

The money raised will benefit not only the town library but also social projects, said mandy lacey, chairwoman of the parents’ advisory council. There will also be an event for the children.

The town library uses the donation money to buy children’s books. Classes can borrow up to 50 media at once, wengerter explained the special offer for schools. As a thank you for the elementary school students who had run with her, she had brought along vouchers for a library card and closing tags in the form of sneakers.

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