Charlie chaplin and his life

The kronacher kunstverein invites all interested listeners and readers to a literary matinee on sunday, 21. October, at 11 a.M. The two books "21 lessons for the 21st century" will be presented. Century." By yuval noah harari and "the story of my life" ("my autobiography") from charlie chaplin.

Charlie chaplin (1889-1977) captured the hearts of film lovers with his silent films and his parade role as the lovable tramp. In 1964, twelve years after being denied return to the united states of america due to accusations of being a closet communist, charlie chaplin published his autobiography "the story of my life" during his exile in switzerland ("my autobiography").

He tells here in little stories and anecdotes u. A. About his childhood and youth, his activities in the vaudeville and finally his life in the world of film. Introducing this personal, entertaining and well-written book of memories by hinrich ruyter.

Yuval noah harari, the historian from israel with a doctorate in history, has won millions of readers with his first two books, "a brief history of humankind" and "homo deus under his spell. With the "21 lessons for the 21. Century" he invites us, in a time of alarm and uncertainty against the backdrop of a global playing field, to consider the pressing questions of the present and to reflect on values, meaning and personal commitment. This book, which aims to make things clearer, is presented by karol hurec. The entry is free

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