Champions league of brass

The german brass band championship is changing the cityscape. 19 bands played for four days in the regentenbau and almost 1,000 young musicians and fans from all over germany played for the 3rd time. Time the spa town to the "woodstock of the brass band scene.
Mayor and city music director agree: this event is a win for bad kissingen. "The city is full of people" is pleased mayor thomas leiner and city music director bernd hammer added with a view of the colorful hustle and bustle in front of the regentenbau: "a sympathetic young audience".
Already to the 3. The german championship of the cultivated brass band is held in the regentenbau for the second time in a row. The music in the style of english mining bands is also finding more and more followers in germany and a dedicated brass band movement has established itself, has dusted off the originally purely british genre and developed its own self-awareness. Therefore also at their 7. The whole german and international brass-band-scene came to bad kissingen. The bavarian radio broadcasts, live stream on the cell phone is offered, the media echo is considerable. For the first time, the german brass band association e. V. As the national umbrella organization, it organizes the championships and, for the gala awards ceremony, has engaged one of the world's best brass bands, the rothwell temperance band from yorkshire in england.
Excellent musicians all together, the cast uppig. On kettledrums, drums, glockenspiel, marimbas and gong three percussionists fire the rhythm. Tuba five times. In silver optics and exactly aligned. Cornet, trumpet, trombone, horn and euphonium. No wood blowers. No bass.
Traditional, as it should be. Elevated clothes with bow tie, even the conductor, musical director
david roberts. Very british. Consensus is a prerequisite for good music within an orchestra, this can be expected from top-class musicians, but if you find a consonance, support each other, cheer each other on, then it can become a great experience. The euphonia in "gota" by peder karlsson carried the listeners off into the endless expanses of swedish forests, and oliver waespi presented his "hypercube and a whole symphony builds up on it, until in an expressive fulminant sound, which the regentenbau has probably never experienced before, the form finally succeeds. Lionel richie, john lennon/paul mccartney and tschaikovsky's march from the 6. The brass band is world class when it comes to playing the 2nd symphony on the podium, and when soloist benjamin godfrey chases his cornet up the stairs of the skyscraper in crazy staccato, or when joseph cook lets the tuba shout, wail and breathe. Brilliantly played, peppered with high difficulties. Crazy tempo. Rough sound, spherical floating. "Absolutely amazing", says conductor david roberts in the finest eton english.
The fact that roberts is unable to increase the grandiose atmosphere in the packed max littmann hall – la-ola, rhythmic clapping and cheering when the band comes on stage – is due to the choice of pieces, which are demanding and superbly played, but still make the audience wait too long for the final results of the betting game. Brass bands must qualify to be successful. At the championship, they had to face an international jury that gave all participating bands an outstanding performance. Tension as the winners are announced. The fact that the third-place winners in the individual categories put on a real veitstanze when they are called up to the stage, and that they sometimes fall in love with the winners, is what makes this award ceremony so immensely likeable.

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