Cause of fire in cardboard factory in forchheim has been clarified

Last wednesday evening, a machine fire at the wellpappe cardboard factory in forchheim triggered a large-scale operation by the fire and rescue services. The bamberg criminal investigation department has taken up the investigation, and the cause of the fire has now been determined.

A technical defect in a cardboard processing machine triggered the fire, according to a press spokeswoman of the police prasidium of upper franconia. In the machine, a rotating roller heated up due to friction, paper residues in the area of the rotating roller caught fire. "It was not an error in the conditions", emphasizes the speaker.

Damage of 70000 euro

The damage amounts to an estimated 70,000 euros. Because the flames had triggered a sprinkler system, there was a lot of water damage, the spokeswoman said.

More pictures from the rough operation in forchheim

six people suffered mild smoke inhalation in the fire. Around 140 firefighters, BRK, THW and police officers were deployed to prevent the fire from spreading to the production hall.

Major operation in forchheim: fire in cardboard factory – six injured, high damage

the fire department of forchheim, which was on site with eight vehicles and 32 firefighters, was supported by the fire departments of buckenhofen, burk, kersbach, reuth, kirchehrenbach and hausen with material and respiratory protection equipment. 

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