Burgerliste obereschenbach nominates its candidates

Strengthened by the good results in the 2014 elections, the supporters of the burgerliste obereschenbach met in the eschenbachhalle for the election meeting for the municipal elections on 15 january 2014. Marz hit. Armin weidenthaler recalls the momentum created by the establishment of the citizens' list of obereschenbach in the 2014 elections. With 11851 votes, two city council seats were won at the first attempt.

In the meeting the creation of building sites, an affordable building rubble disposal and also the rehabilitation of the partly dilapidated local roads were suggested. Support for youth, associations and volunteer work should be promoted in order to maintain village life in the city districts. For the preservation of the burgerspital as a nursing home, a lot of research has already been done and motions introduced in the city council. Through more openness and transparency, burgers and also the employees of the administration are to be better involved in decisions and processes, he continued. Support was also given to the call for mabnahmen to improve GP care.

In the course of the formalities, thomas reuter was appointed chairman of the meeting. He was pleased about the willingness of the people of ortsburg to run for the town council and that nine young candidates under 30 years of age now also wanted to get involved in local politics on the list of citizens. After the presentation of the candidates and explanations of the election procedure, the proposed candidates, as well as the represters, were unanimously elected by block vote. Thomas reuter and christina heid were appointed as commissioners for the election proposal.

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