Board of directors of the eltingshausen association is complete

"We are pleased that we are able to cover the areas of writing and rate management with two people each. Nothing stands in the way of further successful work", chairman hubert schott announced the results of the by-elections at the delegates’ meeting.
At the new elections in march, the positions of secretary and board member could not be filled. In the period that followed, a number of negotiations took place, which now led to success. As 1. Birgit hoch’s successor as secretary received the trust of susanne grobner. "I took responsibility for several years in kindergarten. I am committed to the village and to the common good. And now that I have a deputy, it was no longer difficult for me", grobner completed her commitment. As 2. Margit vollbrecht made herself available as scribe.
Over many years christl kess took care of the rough pool of the club community. She is now succeeded by matthias brustmann as 1. And helma seufert as 2. Material keeper to. Both bring a wealth of experience in association work: brustmann managed the kindergarten’s treasury, helma seufert co-organizes the meditative dance through the countrywomen’s group.
With a view to the maypole erection, which had not been cancelled in cold and rainy weather due to extensive precautions, schott summed up: "economically, the income just covered the expenses, but as a cultural contribution, the event was well worth it."
To the 24. For the first time, the village festival is coming up in september. In the settlement the preserved mode is kept. On saturday, 7.9., the kindergarten and the guardian club take care of the food, while the carrier pigeon club takes over the bar. On sunday, 8.9., the fire department replaced the FC in the preparation and serving of food, while the reservists took care of the beverage stand. For the musical arrangement, contact will be made with several groups. The decision falls in the next meeting.
The situation is different with firm hope or. Beer tapping: anna-lena koch could be won over as the newly elected rose queen of bad kissingen – she works as an educator in the kindergarten in eltingshausen. The dance performance of the kindergarten children and the opening of the pigeons should also remain. For the children it is planned to hire a magician. Alternatives could be children’s carousel or kikibu. As hubert schott informed, the VG handed over 250 euros to the church foundation, which will be used to purchase new altar ceilings.
On sunday, 28. July is the farewell of pastor balthasar amberg at 5 pm in the church in oerlenbach. The flag delegations of the clubs will also be present. The next delegates meeting of the association will be held on monday, 22nd. July, at 19.30 o’clock in the group room of the fire department takes place.

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