“Behind the horizon goes on”

What does it take DSDS ("deutschland sucht den superstar"), when in habfurt talents perform that inspire. The cultural office with petra zirkler had invited the music group "drey-klang&" for a concert in the town hall friends" committed, that made the hall shake. First and foremost the front woman lara grabmeier, whose passion for singing, paired with a lot of emotion, can win any competition.

The band has already performed several times in habfurt and has won many fans. The musicians have built up a love for the district town, which was continued on the concert evening. With their new stage program "best of musicals unplugged" they made the evening frank grabmeier, daughter lara and frank busch (piano) presented musical highlights in gala format.

With passion

There is no need for a chorus in the background, because with the support of their friends achim thiergartner on cajon and klaus bahr with guitar they performed passionate ballads, solo and duet performances with a musicality that convinced the audience. From the "phantom of the opera about "tabaluga or "king of the lows they made the evening a special experience. A highlight of the show was the performance of achim thiergartner as double of udo lindenberg. He rocked the stage with dedication: "hinterm horizont geht’s weiter" ("beyond the horizon goes on")…" The visitors celebrated "dreyklang& friends" for over three and a half hours. Her joy of playing knew no bounds.

Standing ovations accompanied the musicians until their departure from the stage, which had been perfectly staged with lighting effects by the event technician of the city of habfurt, thomas stierhof.

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