Bad kissingen wants to become a world heritage site

Eleven european spas and health resorts want to achieve the goal of becoming unesco world cultural heritage sites with a serial, transnational application. The cities of bad kissingen, baden-baden, bath, franzensbad, karlovy vary, luhacovice, marienbad, montecatini terme, spa, vichy and wiesbaden have joined forces and are operating under the name "great spas of europe". All are spa and fashion bathers, who in the 19. And early 20. The spa and spa society phenomenon in europe pragtened in the nineteenth century.

The mayors and members of the steering group met from thursday to saturday last week for a conference at the wiesbaden kurhaus. For bad kissingen, mayor kay blankenburg and cultural advisor peter weidisch played a leading role on the spot.

"The way of the serial application is in principle faster and also more promising than a single application. The international cooperation of our group of cities has been strengthened by our conference in wiesbaden and we have made important progress", stressed mayor dr. Helmut muller, wiesbaden. The serial, transnational application for the world heritage title is a very complex project, as the different local approaches of the individual cities have to become a common profile. Major progress was made in particular in the process of defining the common "outstanding universal value" with special attention to the internationality and social dimension of the cure. "We have agreed on all the questions that have been raised here. We have formulated a series of tasks for all the cities involved so that we can comply with the nomination process", petr kulhanek, mayor of karlsbaden and chairman of the bidding group, sums up the result.

"The cities in our group of candidates now form a big family and i am happy that bad kissingen is part of this family", reflects oberburgermeister kay blankenburg. "I am convinced that bad kissingen can make a decisive contribution to the joint application in terms of concept, theme and the substance of our listed ensembles".
The next step for bad kissingen is to get on the german tentative list. "We are working on it at high pressure", the mayor of schweinfurt, kay blankenburg, concludes the following.

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