Frankish wine queen visits the dorfschatzen

The "arbeitsgemeinschaft dorfschatze" buried the french wine queen carolin meyer from greuth and the newly crowned prichsenstadter wine princess yvonne heumann for their exhibition at the spring market in wiesentheid.

The theme of the exhibition was the strategy seminar of dorfschatze. To create the basic conditions for a strategic reorientation of the work of the "dorfschatze" was the goal of this weekend seminar. The first results and impressions were shown by the workgroup dorfschatze in the exhibition in the foyer of the town hall in wiesentheid. The 64. Frankish wine queen and wine princess yvonne I. Got to know the management of the dorfschatze and some of the mayors of the dorfschatze association over a glass of casteller silvaner.


Kitzingen young musicians successful

Kitzingen young musicians successful

After months of intensive preparation, it got serious for the students of the kitzingen music school. The piano trio with moritz camphausen (piano), marit gernert (violin) and marcel vrabel (violoncello) was able to win the 56. The first prize in the regional competition "jugend musiziert" unterfranken/west in the category "piano chamber music" after a convincing performance. The trio was formed only a few months ago especially for the competition "jugend musiziert" and is coached by the music school teacher marita schwab, who is also the main subject teacher of moritz. The joy was especially great since marit gernert, who also took part in the violin solo competition, was able to win another first prize in this category as well. Eleven-year-old marit has been a child since she was 6 years old. She was taught at the music school of the city of kitzingen in the violin class of mary lynn zack and performed her entire competition solo program from memory in front of the multi-headed jury. Pictured are the successful young musicians (from left) marcel vrabel, moritz camphausen and marit gernert.


Schoolgirls hand over 10500 euros

schoolgirls hand over 10500 euros

Marion kruger-hundrup the young ladies in the old auditorium of the maria-ward schools are all members of the "SMV": the school’s student council. Emma bubmann (14), lena finzel (14), francesca heilmann (16), martina schmitt (14) and edanur soylemez (16) show that they take responsibility seriously. Very serious.

And not only for their fellow students in the secondary school and grammar school, but also for people outside the school walls: the tough ladies present symbolic checks to representatives of social associations for children in the bamberg region. The total sum amounts to a proud 10500 euros – from the proceeds of the school christmas market 2018.


Gebhardt secures two titles

Gebhardt secures two titles

The number of participants at the second senior singles championships of the table tennis district of western upper franconia in untersiemau could have been better with 30 players. Nevertheless, there were seven more competitors than in the previous year. 28 men were in action in two age classes and in four performance classes. Since only two ladies had registered, they were the first-place winners without a fight.

Winners in both singles and doubles were bernd feulner (TV oberwallenstadt), marco stocklein (DJK teutonia gaustadt), georg herold (TTC geutenreuth) and richard gebhardt (RVC klosterlangheim).


Fired & celebrated

fired & celebrated

Josef hofbauer mundungsfeuer and loud bangs from bollern and cannons lit up the night at the bollerschieben on the occasion of the meeting of the district bollerschutzen on saturday evening in effeltrich. Schutzen from all four upper franconian regions as well as friends from upper bavaria came to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the local bollerschutzen with the people of effeltrich.

Firing was from hand and stock bollards. Only on sunday, at the official meeting of the bollerschutzen, boller cannons were also used. "Charge.", "damn", "set a cap", "cock the rooster", "sets high", "fire" commandant thomas heumann ordered during the slow and fast single fire as well as the common salute. The commander informed the crowd that the tinder charge, consisting of up to 40 grams of black powder, explodes at a temperature of 2300 degrees celsius. She leaves the bollermundung mjt a speed of 600 meters per second.That is the equivalent of more than 2000 km/h.


Nils dunninger gets a taste of bundesliga action

18-year-old sylbach table tennis player nils dunninger, who serves for TSV gobmannsdorf (bezirksoberliga and bezirksklasse), has reached another milestone in his still young umpiring career (3.5 years). He recently made his first appearance in germany’s top league, the bundesliga.

Together with his referee colleagues, he masterfully officiated the match in the shakehands arena between TSV bad konigshofen and TTC neu-ulm, which bad konigshofen won 3:2 in a hard-fought match. Only 24 hours before, dunninger had already stood in the shakehands arena. In his role as referee, he was in charge of the oberliga match between TSV bad konigshofen II and TTC kist.


Coarse stump in the soprano

Renate sachs, who has now celebrated her 70th birthday. She celebrated her 50th birthday, loves to sing for a living. Already as a 14 year old she joined the singing club "liederhort" ludwigschorgast near. Even today, the jubilarian is
a reliable soprano, hardly ever misses a singing lesson or a performance.
Her loyalty was rewarded with the golden badge of honor for 50 years of singing in the choir. Praise came from the chairman michael rief, who congratulated in the form of a poem: "always remember, don’t forget, we love you and we need you"." The mixed choir performed a colorful bunch of songs under the direction of alexander thern.
The hardworking churchgoer is also a member of the parish council and helps clean the church. Parish priest michal osak and parish council chairwoman maria thanked her for her work
From the horticultural association the chairmen klaus-peter kugler and klaus gotz wished all the best. Renate sachs is a trained saleswoman and worked at the company storchenmuhle in mannsflur. Two daughters, one son and six grandchildren celebrated with her. T. Braunersreuther


Brk multigenerational house in michelau: young and old benefit from it

The michelau multigenerational house (MGH) has written a success story. In the last ten years of its existence, its services have more than tripled, and it has become an intergenerational contact point that is an integral part of local life. "You don’t have to be related for old and young to be able to help each other": this statement was made by the then federal minister for family affairs, ursula von der leyen (CDU), at the opening of the multigenerational house in michelau in 2008. The minister had shortly before on federal level the flat-covering action program mehrgenerationenhauser initiated. On saturday, the facility, which is run by the red cross, celebrated its tenth anniversary with a ceremony and an open day.

Financing continues

Frank gerstner, the director of the house, and his team had put together an extensive program that showed the diverse activities of the michelau MGH. Besides the reason for joy, there were also critical notes to be heard. "You give birth to someone, in this case the multigenerational house, and then you run out of money", explained district administrator christian meibner (CSU). He was referring to the fact that the grants are always limited in time. According to meibner, the real gain lies in the versatility of the offerings for all generations. "The multigenerational house at the michelau location is an enrichment for the community, and it also radiates far into the district of lichtenfels", according to the district administrator.


Hochstadt’s city center becomes a gallery

The world of business in hochstadt’s city center also rounds off a series of rockets at the cultural fireworks display initiated by the city. 15 stores are taking part in the "art" campaign, which runs until sunday, august 5. August, "art in the shop window" campaign and invite you on friday, 3. August, invites to cultural shopping day, open until 10 p.M.
Representatives from almost all the stores took a tour of the city center as a gallery with mayor gerald brehm (JL). Brehm said at the start of the tour of helga’s shoe store that it was a matter close to his heart that the business world should get involved. He assured the businessmen of the city’s full support.
Art school teacher vivienne ranger from irina gerschmann’s hochstadt art school introduced the participants of the tour to the works from the school that decorate some shop windows. Art from the fashion class can also be found in helga’s shoe store. City marketing manager thomas oppelt was "very enthusiastic", how quickly the business people for actions to the culture fireworks were to be moved.
Judith beuschel has no exhibits in the shop window. The masseuse and body therapist invites you to sound evenings that go in the meditative direction. She also uses a gong to relieve pain.
The pencil drawings by luise schurmer in the shop window of the outdoor store wigwam also show erotic scenes. The self-taught artist is a full-time nurse at hochstadt hospital.
Master goldsmith and silversmith alois platzer presents his craftsmanship in the shop at the graben. His journeyman and master pieces also from the sacral area are to be seen here. In addition to the works of a potter from sterpersdorf, the paracelsus pharmacy exhibits "french brewing culture using the products of brewery and blue lowe and invited to a parcours of scents.
Objects from the art classes of the don bosco school and the gymnasium were exhibited in the bookshop. On display are a papier-mache sculpture inspired by niki de saint-phalle, fashion made of paper and exotic lamps.
What can be made from old bicycle inner tubes is "small and fine" in the lingerie shop to see – by the weisendorferin heike schaftner made use objects.
The cultural contribution of blumen lechner floats on the aisch between the old and the new aisch bridge. Markus lechner sets small flower artworks in rainbow colors and boat shape "as a link between nature and culture" a.


“The god of that summer” leaves behind ambivalent feelings

Many a reader is left with ambivalent feelings after reading the novel "the god of that summer" by ralf rothmann back. After all, the previous volume, translated into 25 languages, was "die in spring" (2015) about the dramas on the edge of the battlefields of the second world war a bestseller, so the expectations for this follow-up volume were perhaps too high.
"The god of that summer" describes the everyday life of a family and its environment in schleswig-holstein during the last weeks of the war in 1945 – a life full of delusion, denunciation and despair according to the motto "save yourself, who can". The story is told from the point of view of twelve-year-old luisa norff, who, after the bombing of her hometown of kiel, has fled with her parents and 19-year-old sister billie to the nearby estate of her brother-in-law vinzent, a high-ranking SS officer and husband of her older half-sister gudrun.
Everyday life on the estate is still going on as usual, away from the war. Only from her window luisa sees the burning city. While wandering through the forest, she recognizes in the distant barracks camp belittled forms – prisoners of war, enslaved for peat cutting; after the end of the war, a mass grave will be found there. Refugees from the east are housed in outbuildings, stables and barns on the estate.
The author, who was born in schleswig in 1953, describes the circumstances of the last weeks of the war in his home region in an impressive linguistic style. But the story seems a bit trite to older readers. Rothmann uses familiar cliches both in his characters and in situations such as the dance evening in the nazi brother-in-law's magnificent villa: officers and SS functionaries, facing their own downfall, show the loss of all morality. Scenes and the call "enjoy the war, peace will be fearful", a motto that has been running among nazi functionaries lately, are hackneyed.
In this respect, rothmann's novel does not offer much that is new. An interesting building block, however, is the fictional account of the writer bredelin merxheim in baroque german about the horrors of the three years war (1618-1648), which is interspersed in chapters by rothmann. Merxheim has a chapel built in the midst of the turmoil of war in order to give its despairing fellow men a foothold in their faith after being plundered, robbed, murdered and raped. Luisa norff also wants to find shelter in the convent and become a nun at the end of the years of horror: on her 13. On the occasion of her 70th birthday, the girl is convinced that after the murder of the british pilot, the execution of her brother-in-law, the suicide of her father, the disappearance of her sister and her rape by her brother-in-law, she has lived and experienced the worldly life in all its facets.