All of muggendorf celebrates

All of muggendorf celebrates

The church community of muggendorf, together with the associated villages of albertshof, neudorf, wohlmannsgesees and trainmeusel, is celebrating its laurentius church fair this weekend. Engelhardsberg and wolm are also members of the church prengel, but will be celebrating in 14 days on the church ruins at "heiligen buhl their own patronage festival. The kirchweih in muggendorf runs from thursday, 8., until monday, 12. August.

The mighty evangelical church has dominated the townscape of muggendorf for more than 300 years. The early baroque altar was placed in the small choir room in 1661. The middle and coarser figure represents the patron saint of the church, deacon laurentius, who died a martyr’s death on the fire grate.


On the right is the figure of the apostle petrus and on the left that of the apostle paulus. Over these jams the risen christ announces his victory over death. The kirchweih service begins on sunday, 11. August, at 9.30.Clock.

The catholic branch church auferstehung christi, built in 1972, joins in with its kirchweih (church dedication). Their service, however, begins at 8 a.M.45 hrs.

The secular part of the festival starts on saturday at 5 p.M. With the erection of the kirchweih tree. The "kerwa boys marching with the freshly cut spruce from the former railroad station, today’s nature park information center, to the rotdornweg, where the tree is lifted into the vertical position. The procession is accompanied by the traditional costume society "D’wiesenttaler.

Frankish music

On kirchweih sunday, the "kerwa ausgroom" will be held from 2 p.M. Onwards. At the same time the "wiesenttaler musikanten" entertained at the upper market with their french music the kirchweih visitors.

In between, the muggendofer trachtenverein with its sponsor club from pegnitz show volkstanze. After the arrival of the "kerwambum" and "-madla will be the "betz" around 5 p.M danced out.

On the "heiligen buhl

The church consecration service at the "heiligen buhl at wolm takes place on sunday, 25. August, 9.30 o’clock, held. The service in the green accompanies the church fairs of engelhardsberg and wolm. In muggendorf, the protestant service is cancelled on this day.

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