Advantage europe: ryder cup singles bring the decision

advantage europe: ryder cup singles bring the decision

Europe's golf stars have been competing in the 42. Ryder cup very good chances to recapture the golden trophy from the americans.

Before the final day this sunday, captain thomas bjorn's team is leading 10:6 against the defending champion u.S.A. The europeans need only 4.5 points from the final twelve to win in le golf national near paris. The selection of US captain jim furyk, on the other hand, needs eight points. With a 14:14 score, the US team retains the ryder cup trophy.

What speaks for the individual teams:

ADVANTAGE EUROPE – home advantage and knowledge of the pitch

The fans at le golf national are clearly on the side of the europeans. Tens of thousands of spectators will support captain bjorn's players on the final day and whip them forward with powerful voices and enthusiasm. The u.S. Pros around tiger woods have to be prepared for a deafening crowd.

The players from europe know the golf course at the gates of paris much better than the guests from overseas. Year after year, the open de france is played at le golf national. And the last two tournament winners cut? Tommy fleetwood (2017) and alex noren (2018)! The americans, on the other hand, play almost exclusively on their home PGA tour.

ADVANTAGE USA – world ranking and major victories

In terms of playing strength, measured by the positions in the current world rankings, the americans have a clear advantage. If you add up all the rankings of the players on the u.S. Team, the average ranking is 11.67. The europeans only get an average of 19,08.

In terms of major victories (masters, british open, US open, PGA championship), the US professionals around superstar tiger woods have also celebrated many more successes – namely 31. The europeans won only eight times.

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