Active and highly motivated

They are agile, flexible and highly motivated. And they want to keep going. That is why all members of the board of FC alemannia 1928 were confirmed in office. Chairman michael eusemann had invited to the sportheim. His two deputies are christa dollinger and katrin kohlhepp. Petra heim continues to be a writer. Alexander heim runs the cash register. His deputy is erich heim. Theo busch and wolfgang hahn check the cash management. The advisory board includes: katharina heim, frank vogler, lorenz heim, wolfgang scholz, hannah beck, andreas gunkel, maurice vogler and marcel heim.

"This board has endured, said deputy mayor roland bronner. In his review of the year, chairman michael eusemann recalled the big anniversary party for the 90th anniversary of the FC, which took place last summer. "We couldn’t have done it without all the help", he thanked his comrades and companions. Of course there will be a sports festival again this year, but it will be much smaller. On the issues of the future of the sports center and the sports land michael eusemann did not go into detail because many things were not yet perfectly planned. However, he noted that the 233-member sports club FC alemannia has a high proportion of older people.

Petra heim reported from the ladies’ gymnastics group. There is apparently not only gymnastics, but also organized the coffee bar and hiked. The zumba courses had brought enormous momentum, confirmed christa dollinger. The courses were fully booked. In mid april there would be a follow-up course with zumba.

Neither thirsty nor starving were the participants from the hiking group of the FC. Roland eusemann reported on the commissioning of the historic coal pile and recalled the delicious lake meat, the pre-christmas gluhwein and dug the schwarzelbacher ruhestandler. They had also volunteered to spare the cemetery. Some hiking destinations of this group were the hochrhon, the kreuzberg, schonderling, heiligkreuz and the nearby sippachsmuhle. Roland eusemann also reported on an excursion to the region of eisenach, where the kite gorge made an impression. A trip to the french-speaking part of switzerland is planned for this year.

The annual general meeting was the forum for honoring long-serving members.

Helmut heim has been with FC alemannia for 65 years. Reinhart vogler and wolfgang scholz brought it up to 55 years. Wilfried vogler, peter schweinitzer, roland knuttel and eberhard hamel have been involved for 50 years.

Jurgen muller, stefan muller, ralf manger and roland bronner have been members for 40 years.

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