Abtswind digs as autumn champions

Abtswind digs as autumn champions

The fall championship is now official. What had been foreshadowed the week before with the victory over vach was confirmed. TSV abtswind is in first place in the northwest regional league after the end of the first half of the season and has a six-point lead over its first rival. With the 4:2 (1:1) victory in lengfeld, the team of coach petr škarabela secured the top position in the field on sunday.

In terms of personnel, abtswind had to change its eleven on some positions. Mathias brunsch, adrian dubler and michael herrmann were stricken and therefore only available as alternatives. Despite the quick lead through pascal kamolz' header after a free kick by steffen barthel, coach škarabela could not be satisfied with the first half of his team. Although both teams entertained the spectators with an open encounter and many scoring chances, the league leaders did not show their usual sovereign performance.

Abtswind comes under pressure

Abtswind's jubilation over the lead didn't last long either, as in the immediate aftermath kevin markert took advantage of a defensive error by the table-toppers and scored in return to equalize the score. Lengfeld coach michael hochrein had to swallow at first after the rapid ruckstand about the resourcefulness of the opponent, but after halftime the game tilted temporarily in favor of his eleven. Quickly they overcame the midfield and they put the opponent through their forays hard naked. Later hochrein was also satisfied with the tactical performance.

Immediately after the change of sides, igor mikic gave the hosts the lead when he quickly escaped from his opponent and scored from an acute angle into the far corner. Abtswind had to change the rake twice before, because the cautioned adrian graf and the stricken frank hartlehnert had stayed out for the second half. But abtswind's corner and free header goals, which are not really a well-known strength of this team, finally decided the match. And so, despite an actually good performance against the leaders, hochrein complained about the weakness in standard situations, which had already been a problem for his eleven throughout the entire season.

Dubler, who had been substituted only three minutes earlier, scored the equalizer with his head midway through the second half after a corner kick by pascal kamolz, and daniel endres, who had also been substituted, scored a goal a quarter of an hour before the end after a cross by jurgen endres. Lengfeld ran again in the final phase, secured at the back only with a three-man back line and caught the decisive fourth goal by kamolz in injury time. For the 31-year-old it was the tenth goal of the season. Before that, peter mrugalla had asserted himself on the right. Abtswind remained unbeaten for the eighth time in a row and must travel again next weekend. For the start of the second round the autumn champion plays in rollbach.

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