23. Csu local association celebrated “40.”

23. Csu local association celebrated

These are troubled times for the christian-social and christian-democratic party. That is why 40 years of the CSU local association were a reason to celebrate, not only for the chairman andreas scheumann, but also for numerous members.

Especially in the run-up to the state and european elections and the municipal elections, the political evening was intended to set an example. In his funeral, chairman andreas scheumann was pleased to announce that the local association of the michelau district now has 30 members again. Unlike usual, the local association in neuensee had emerged from a local association of the young union. This already existed since 1956. The JU was founded after a meeting of the district association of the JU lichtenfels in neuensee. Twelve years later, otto ritzel suggested the founding of a local CSU association. This thought was expressed by paul scheumann at the annual general meeting on 20. March 1971 taken up again. The actual founding of the CSU local association neuensee took place on 2. November 1978 in the sport home in neuensee. 31 members founded the 23. Local association in the district of lichtenfels. Ludwig schaller put the task of the local federation under the slogan "our party task is the preservation and strengthening of a social order and democratic liberty, genuine human responsibility of a christian world and conception of man." First chairman was leo stettner, who was replaced by siegfried meixner after severe illness. Other chairmen were peter hofmann and siegfried vockentanzer, who has held this office since 1991 until today.

The local association was represented by members of the michelau town council on several occasions. The local association is also an integral part of neuensee's cultural life, such as the village festival. Several trips were made to neighboring countries. All these facts were summarized and presented by klaus krugl. In their speeches, district administrator christian meibner and mayor helmut fischer expressed their congratulations. 

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